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BAUER Brakes
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BAUER Brakes

Spring-loaded brakes with DC solenoid release

Models ES(X)010A.ES(X)250A, ZS(X)300A, ZS(X)500A, EH(X)027A,EH(X)400A

BAUER brake ZSX300A9 ize-industries
BAUER Bau1040031 ize-industries
BAUER rectifier MSG1 5 500U ize-industries
BAUER rectifier SG3.575B ize-industries
Spring-loaded brakes with DC solenoid release
Models ESX010A.ESX250A, ZSX300A, ZSX500A, EHX027A.EHX400A
Technical Date of the Working Brakes Models ES(X)./ZSK
Frictional Work, Response Time, Power

Spring-loaded brakes with DC solenoid releaseModels 
ES()010A.ES(X)250A, ZS()300A, ZS()500A, EH()027A.EH()400A
Spring placement, Air Gap, Tightening torque of the screws

IZE INDUSTRIES special distribution, commonly used bauer models:
bauer Brakes ESX010AX
bauer Brakes ESX010A9
bauer Brakes ESX010A8
bauer Brakes ESX010A5
bauer Brakes ESX010A4
bauer Brakes ESX010A2
bauer Brakes ESX027AX
bauer Brakes ESX/EHX027A9
bauer Brakes ESX/EHX027A7
bauer Brakes ESX/EHX027A6
bauer Brakes ESX/EHX040A9
bauer Brakes ESX/EHX040A8
bauer Brakes ESX/EHX040A7
bauer Brakes ESX070AX
bauer Brakes ESX070A9
bauer Brakes ESX070A8
bauer Brakes ESX070A7
bauer Brakes ESX/EHX0125AX
bauer Brakes ESX/EHX0125A9
bauer Brakes ESX/EHX0125A8
bauer Brakes ESX/EHX0125A7
bauer Brakes ESX125A5
bauer Brakes ESX125A3
bauer Brakes ESX/EHX200AX
bauer Brakes ESX/EHX200A9
bauer Brakes ESX/EHX200A8
bauer Brakes ESX250A9
bauer Brakes ESX250A8
bauer Brakes ESX250A5
bauer Brakes ESX250A4
bauer Brakes ESX300A9
bauer Brakes ESX300A8
bauer Brakes EHX400A9
bauer Brakes EHX400A7
bauer Brakes EHX400A5
bauer Brakes ZSX500A9
bauer Brakes ZSX500A8
bauer Brakes ZSX800A9
bauer Brakes ZSX800A7
bauer Brakes ZSX800A5

If you have any technical inquiries about the product or need technical information and documentation of the product, please feel free to call IZE-Industries (0086-21-3100 6702) or visit www.ize-industries.com and we will do our best to solve you. The problem.


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